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The Harvell Difference

Hi From Harvell

Harvell Construction, Inc. is a Wyoming Corporation, based in Powell Wyoming. We specialize in custom built homes. Our managing team has over 80 years’ experience in the construction business! We take pride in the craftsmanship, quality products, and efficiency of our homes! We are an ICF builder, and build high efficiency homes. Chad Harvell, owner of Harvell Construction Inc. has over 40 yrs. experience in the custom home industry.

Harvell Construction was founded behind this experience: When our family moved to Wyoming in 2013 we wanted to build our dream home, but could not find a contractor who was willing to give us what we wanted in a home. It was not because we wanted lavish & extravagant finishes, but contractors had the attitude “ you get what you get here, that is how it is…” no one was willing to spend the time or effort to build what we wanted, the finished product would be ultimately their choices, not ours. The pricing was premium, the results… basic finishes for a basic home, at a premium price. Needless to say, we did not build! Out of this experience the vision for Harvell Construction, Inc. was born. 

What Sets Us Apart

Planning Stage – During the planning stage of your home, you will work directly with Chad and our plan designer. Whether you choose one of our standard plans, choose to modify a standard plan or have your own plan, we will make sure every detail you desire is included in your completed construction drawings.

Design Stage – Once your construction drawings are complete you will work directly with Chad and our interior/exterior designer to choose all of your interior and exterior finish packages. This process is exciting and a lot of fun, bring your vision and we will make it happen! Our project managers will make sure your selections are on time and in your budget!

Building Stage – While you are picking finishes we will begin building your dream home! Harvell Construction takes pride in the structural quality of your new home! Our ICF structures have an  R-Value of 38 in our walls, your attics will receive an R-60. What does this mean?  Low energy costs, long term savings, and a quiet and safe home for life! Every part of your build will be value engineered to ensure you receive the best products possible for the long term performance of your home! 

Landscaping Stage – once your home is in the final stages, if you choose, we will also provide the landscaping services needed for your new home. We have assembled a team of local landscape professionals, irrigation contractors and fencing contractors to get you the best pricing for your new home!! We guarantee no one will beat our pricing for your landscape project or we will price match!

Throughout each process we will work adamantly to make sure your custom home experience is the best it could possibly be!! We want to make sure you get what you want in your new home and you are able to enjoy it for years to come! You can have what you want right down to every detail and we are here to make sure that this happens!